Meet Our Team

Dawn S.

“I enjoy working for Special Touch Cleaning.  All the homeowners are appreciative of my attention to detail and are very pleased with my overall performance.”

Shannon S.

“Special Touch Cleaning is a great company to work for.  Bonnie is very wonderful as are all the employees.  The clients appreciate all we do and we appreciate them too.”

Jennifer S.

“I like to work for Special Touch Cleaning because I like to make the homeowners enjoy their home even more when they come back to a spotless home.  It’s a rewarding feeling to me.”

Sue H.

“I have worked for Special Touch Cleaning Company for over 10 years.  I am still cleaning many of the same homes.  Having a set schedule allows us to build a good working relationship with the clients while providing a satisfying service.”

Pat P.

“I am very happy to be a staff member of Special Touch Cleaning.  I like to represent a company that prides itself on professionalism, integrity and excellent service.  I have made many wonderful new friends since joining the company both in our team members and our clients we serve.”

Vivian N.

“I am trustworthy, reliable, hard working, and love to make people smile. I have been with Special Touch Cleaning Company since Februrary of 2002.”

Denise W.

“I have worked for Special Touch Cleaning Company for 16 years.  My clients are like family, we are a family.  The hours are great also!”

Cassandra S.

“Working for Special Touch Cleaning gives me the opportunity to clean people’s homes and make them happy.  This makes me happy! “